“We Have Your Back” – CSW65 Side Event

New York, 24 March – IDA Virtual attendance. “We Have Your Back” – Breaking the cycle from online harassment to threats to violence against women and girl leaders – CSW65 Side Event. While the internet and digital spaces providing direct communication networks for a wide audience bring potential benefits and empowerment, women and girls across the world are also facing violence, including harassment and threats, facilitated by these new technologies. This is particularly critical for younger generations of women and girls who extensively use these new technologies, which affect all aspects of their lives.
IPU studies on violence against women in parliaments show that social media is the main channel for threats; with 41.8 per cent of women MPs interviewed globally and 58.2 per cent in Europe saying they had been the target of abusive, sexual or violent content and behavior on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Panelists will discuss available research on this topic, possible preventive actions and good practices by different stakeholders – including legal, grassroots, professional and academic perspectives – for tackling online violence against women and girl leaders.

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