Facilitating water projects in Africa

Country IDA start-up

1) Identify a Country coordinator
2) Create a short business plan
3) Create an operational team and the Board
4) Identify the President
5) Establish the Country IDA Club; only the “Club IDA country name” will be part of the network
6) Declaration to bear the expenses of the Club included the Office, the management costs, the missions costs for the IDA International Top Management that the Club will involve for the activities of the Club in the Country and abroad.

The IDA Club, works in synergy with IDA International with the support of African Diplomatic Academy, for all operational activities in the territory. IDA Club is an independent association , part of the international network of IDA. The IDA Club President and his team will not commit any debt and any engagement on behalf of IDA International . The IDA Club can’t do any official communication to the press, in the name of IDA International, without the write approval of IDA International and the Club can’t be involved in any political formation. IDA International is always ready to support the Club efforts to develop the Country and for better cover this task, the IDA Club will plan on annual basis the activities and the financial support that will provide to IDA International.

The plan include:

– Activities for the year and vision for the future
– Operational team implementation, part of the Club, role and profiles
– V.I.P. implication
– Support desired by IDA International
– The financial support that will provide to IDA International, that is generally the 10% of the Club turnover of the year, but not less than two thousand euro.

If you want to became an IDA Country coordinator, contact us filling the form.

International Chapter Development Regions

1) Europe/Africa

2) Middle-East/Africa

3) China/Africa

4) North-America/Africa

5) South/America/Africa

6) Asia/Africa

7) South Pacific/Africa

8) Africa/Africa

Regions provide services ranging from management support for chapters annual conferences and awards programs.

These local Chinese Chapters will be establish by volunteer IDA members

1) 22 Provinces
2) 5 Autonomous Regions (Tibet- Inner Mongolia- Guangxi- Xinjiang- Ningxia
3) 4 Municipalities (Beijing- Shanghai- Tianjin- Chongqing)
4) 2 Special Administrative Regions. (Hong-Kong-Macau)

Chinese Chapters offer a range of local services, including regular professional development meetings and workshops, member newsletters, awards programs, business opportunities and job placement in Africa.

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