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1# Professional Development Opportunities.
2# Career Development Training presented at conferences held in Africa and in Region for Student members.
3# World Wide business opportunities.
4# Part of a worldwide business network.
5# Opportunities to work with colleagues through international chapters.
6# Networking and Information Sharing to benefit your professional career in the industry.
7# Opportunity to establish local chapter and develop leadership skills.
8# Hosted Events for Meeting Planner Members by Supplier Members.
9# A Newsletter where members can post information on their meetings monthly.
10# Negotiated Prices for Travelling Lodging and Air Fees.
11# Participate to FIPA events organise by the Local Chapter.
12# Each member can propose, create and be part of a team work on a specific topic or project.
13# Each member can work on the International Projects proposed by the worldwide institutions as UN agencies, EU, World Bank, etc.
14# The Companies and the NGOs will be listed in our site and promote around the world.

IDA International works and collaborate with Companies, NGOs, Associations, Professionals and Students around the world, if you are interested to collaborate with us and be part of our network, pls fill the form. With us the Students can work in an international enviroment, the Companies will find projects opportunities around the World, the NGOs can enlarge the network, the Professionals can find new jobs and propose business opportunities. All our members can become part of our Think Tank to develop the Committees activities. Any member can became part of IDA Management, in function of the activity he develop. Only the IDA Management can speak on behalf of the organization. The IDA Management members are: the President, the International Board, the Committees Representatives, the IDA Country Club Board and the Honor Members. Code of Professional conducts and Ethics Professional and personal activities at all time. IDA members will conduct themselves in an honest, knowledgeable, responsible, accountable, reliable and competent manner.

If you want to be our member contact us filling the form.

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