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hALr0r4enN8EST. CCG is an internationalization specialist that helps SMEs to achieve the targets by doing the work for them, building a partners network and getting real results. EST. CCG is a Consultant International Company who has a global network and multi – functional professionals involved, with reference to the demands of their customers, to maximize the prospects for business thanks to the careful study and to obtain optimum solutions implemented in an international context political/economic policy.

The Company trough IDA has a partnership with DIPLOMATIC BODIES, GOVERNMENTS, NGOs and a Network of various professionals throughout the Globe to guarantee a world-wide support. This organization has diplomatic ties and credentials of notable importance in several Countries in Africa and Middle East. It should be mentioned in a very close collaboration with IDA – Initiative for the Development of Africa – means a non-profit association which is based on full equality between the parties and the main objective to promote economic operations and trade relations with African and Middle Eastern Countries. IDA is the only body officially recognized and participated by the A.D.A. – African Diplomatic Academy.

IDA collaborates directly with Governments, the African Union, the League of Arab States, the General Union and Federation of Chambers of Commerce of African Countries. IDA will maintain regular contact with the European Union (European Commission and European Parliament), with economic relations with the African World. IDA works closely with large public and private sector enterprises, medium and small companies, banks, chambers of commerce, organizations, associations and Governments. EST. CCG operates with exclusive mandate for better manage the flow of sensitive information and ensures a proper remuneration.

EST. CCG Services

EST. CCG helps companies and investors develop the optimal strategy for entering a new market and then assists them in entering the new market. The two phases approach allows EST. CCG to tailor new market entry to the SMEs specific needs and to maximize their success in other countries.

The two phases are distinct and independent from each other; companies that already have an entry strategy in place can immediately take advantage of EST. CCG market entry assistance services.

EST. CCG support SMEs on:

1 – Importation
2 – Exportation
3 – joint-venture
4 – Subsidiary
5 – Production license agreement
6 – Technological license agreement
7 – Distribution agreement
8 – Subcontracting agreement
9 – Franchising agreement
10 – R & D agreement
11 – Financial services consulting


– CREATING CONTACTS: Thanks of the relationship and the institutional links with Governments and Commerce Chambers is strongly favored the formation of business relationships.
– MISSIONS: Diplomatic and Operational Missions in the Countries where EST. CCG operates.
– BUSINESS SERVICES: Market research, Feasibility studies, Business Plan development, Internationalization initiatives abroad as foreign missions and partnerships, Initiatives to develop the territory through regional marketing activities.
– DELOCALISATION MANAGEMENT: Strategic analysis and comprehensive settlement projects, transfer plants & sales units in new markets.
– WORLDWIDE PARTNERS EXPLORATION: Assistance and tutoring in the constitution of New Companies, Joint Venture and partnership; Identifying the most suitable local partners. Search for business contacts and networking for international distribution.
– MARKETING STRATEGIES: Important visibility in the International Market thanks of the Web presence of Companies who use the services and cooperate with EST. CCG, through customized sites counted in major search engines specialized in the reference Countries.
– SALES: Sales force creation, organization and motivation. We can create the best sales team able to cover the market, developing any useful channel as franchising, distributors, resellers, dealers, agents and direct sales representatives. With EST. CCG support the work of the sales manager is easier and efficient.
– TRAINING: Sales and Marketing training for better know the Countries behaviors, the Business Strategies and the Sales and Marketing secrets.
– PURCHASING: We find the best suppliers for the product you are looking for, sourcing around the world.
– FINANCE: Financial Services Consultants departement collaborate with banking, insurance, and investment management firms to enhance and streamline compliance, manage risk, safeguard reputations, and create competitive advantage.


EST. CCG works in several industries, but at the moment the main actives in the area are:


If you want to partecipate to our projects contact us filling the form.

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