Facilitating water projects in Africa

Small Businesses

Unemployment in rural communities can be tackled by identifying and empowering entrepreneurs, whose small, emerging enterprises can be an effective means of job creation. IDA International identifies opportunities and helps start-ups. In particular, IDA Geneva stimulates the potential for income generation through purposefully driven skills training, linking small business into growing supply chains.

This projects empowers individuals in Africa who are interested in developing their own small businesses. It helps them break the cycle of poverty and boosts economic development through 2 key areas: business management training and assistance. This support helps them effectively start and grow their small businesses. Priority is given to young adults and women. Small businesses are the life-blood of African economies and this is a great way to bring change.

The executive Agency

The executive Agency for this projects is IDA Geneve, the IDAInternational organization dedicated to Small and Medium Businesses.

The aim of this association is to support the social and economic development of Africa:

  • The association works in synergy with all the various IDA operational activities;
  • IDA – Geneve is an independent entity, which shall remain an integral part of the worldwide network of IDA International;
  • IDA- Geneve act will be in harmony with the validated program of the worldwide network of IDA International.


IDA Geneve skills are :
– Executive development projects and small business
– Works management and coordination of the contracting executive companies
– Quality control and suitability of: Plants – Machinery – Equipment
– Inspection of projects and progress phases
– Direction of final inspection of the completed operations
– Direction and organization of Training / Education / Support



Rue de la Cloche n. 8
1201 – Geneve – CH

Email: info@idainternational.org

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