January 2022

  • Black entrepreneur of the year 2021

    Mississauga, 14 January – Mr. Mame Hamath William Diouf, International Manager for Agricultural Development of IDA, has been nominated Black entrepreneur of the year 2021 by CanadianSME. CanadianSME Business Magazine was created in Ontario Canada, through the passion and admiration for entrepreneurs. With SMEs playing such a crucial role in Canada’s business industry and contributing greatly

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  • NourDign training in Ghana

    Tamale, 3 January 2022 – IDA Ghana is working on NourDign project with several women and farmers. This is a training section that have had a total participation of 106 people with 42 women and 64 farmers. This is the second training session to proceed on NourDign awareness. IDA Ghana is doing a great job

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