FIPA | Forum International du Partenariat pour l’Afrique

International Forum for the Africa Partnership

Every Forum will be organized with a financial contribution of the participants and managed by the IDA Committee Think Tank. FIPA is the main activity of IDA.

Headquarter of the FIPA

1) FIPA will be organized once a year by IDA.
2) The FIPA headquarter is in Alicante (Spain).
3) FIPA will be managed by an authority of an International Sponsoring Committee.
4) FIPA will be organized by a specialised private company selected by IDA.

Focus groups of the FIPA

The FIPA will involve African and World Wide personalities from the industrial and business, professional, labour, government and academic sectors. A plenary discussion session with focus groups on “Trade and Business”, “Financial Services”, “Maritime, Logistics and Infrastructure”, and “Professional Services, Information & Technology and Tourism” for detailed discussions on relevant issues. Selected panellists will each join one of the IDA concurrent focus groups.

Objective of the FIPA

The objective of FIPA should be provide a platform for the Government, the industrial and business, professional, labour and academic sectors to discuss how Africa and each Region should respond to the challenges and opportunities arising in the coming five (5) years and we should prepare a five (5) years development plan prior to the Summit.

Action Agenda of the FIPA

After the Economic Summit, the four focus groups will continue to meet to discuss in depth the range of strategic proposals identified at the Summit, with a view to each submitting an “Action Agenda” setting out specific follow-up actions to the Chief Executive by the end of the year.

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