The economic Independance and Dignity is the key element for the Peace in Africa.

 Women empowerment

The goal of this ADA – ECOWAS run project is to install in the next five years 1 Million food-processing unit to give the financial autonomy to 5 Million Women in West Africa. ADA (African Diplomatic Academy) which IDA International speaks on behalf of, and ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States) have decided to implement a series of projects and programs aimed to improve economic and social conditions of African women and vulnerable groups.


The main project is to provide food-processing machines to women in West Africa. We already have some financial sources and we are starting with the first pilot in Senegal supporting by worldwide training institutions, the local government, universities, experts and women associations. The first product to transform is peanut, so every woman can start with a small unit of oilseeds pressure for cold extraction of edible oil and protein meal for animal feed, which has a fast return on investment (+/- 1 year). For the seeds processing we have the complete project and the resources we need, but we have to apply the same concept to others products as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc. We have also to develop the production of the raw material to transform and an agriculture plan is a step of the project.

To accelerate the process we need worldwide volunteers. Social and economic development volunteers. We are looking for people really interested on the social and economic development of Africa, so you can support the project to:

– Promote the project in any way, on line and off line, to create awareness and sensitize people
– Look for the cheapest and best technologies for food processing machines
– Look for the cheapest and best technologies for energy, water treatment, agriculture, etc.
– Create a specific Think Tank in your Country for this social project
– Raise funds
– Organize events
– Involve any organization you know
– Find partners and sponsors
– Sensitize experts, opinion leaders, VIP
– Involve Universities and Research centres
– Involve any media and communication
– Involve agricultural companies
– Involve your friends and people that could help you
– Give your technical support
– Be part of our organization to be a protagonist of this project

This is a huge social project with a strong political and institutional support but we need your contribution to reach the goal.


We are bringing dignity to women and communities in Africa.

Learn how we’re helping women and communities find dignity through sustainable and responsible food production.

If you want to partecipate to our projects contact us filling the form.

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