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Being an Africa Diplomatic Academy (ADA) program, IDA’s mission is based on the fundamental principles for which every IDA Associations should stand, namely the right to pursue knowledge for its own sake, to follow wherever the search for truth may lead, the tolerance of divergent opinion and freedom from political interference.

The Association aims to give expression to the obligation to help develop Africa as to promote, through business, cultural activities, IDA Clubs and committees, the principles of a better world and to help protect human dignity and solidarity, and contributes, through international cooperation, to the development of the African Continent.


The IDA is an independent, dynamic, membership-based, non-profit organization with active branches in several cities in Africa and around the World. A Board of Directors representing private sector business, government and educational institutions in each Country and Region combines their extensive knowledge, expertise and networks to guide and promote the Club’s activities. The Country IDA Club is the engine of the complete organisation, is an independent Organization, with his management and resources, under the IDA International guide lines and rules. The IDA Special Committees involves members to drive actions through its model, improving the lives of over 1 billion people in Africa.

IDA International works and collaborate with several NGO and associations around the world, if you are part of Civil Society and you want collaborate with us, pls fill the form.


The international level of the association IDA will offer an array of direct services to individual members as well as management support to chapters and regions. At the international level, IDA is managed by the executive board which sets the direction and policy of IDA. A team of full time staff will work at the world headquarters in IDA governing document. The International board of IDA has his headquarter in Dakar (Senegal), with Board members around the world.

IDA Clubs and Committees are the management basket if the Organisation.

IDA International works and collaborate with Companies, NGOs, Associations, Professionals and Students around the world, if you are interested to collaborate with us and be part of our network, pls fill the form.


The General Conference of Members Institutions meets every 5 years, determines IDA’s general policy and elects the Administrative Board under the supervision of the Executive President. The Board meets annually, ensures that decisions of the General Conference are implemented and guides the work of the different IDA Clubs around the world. At present, the Board has several Committees and a number of special Task Forces.

The Governing Bodies are:

– One Executive President
– The International Board (7 members, mainly from the Regions)
– Honors Members
– World Regions representative
– IDA Clubs
– General Conference of Members
– Committees

The main Committees are:

IDA Operational Team

Mr. Andrea Giannetto (Italy) – IDA Founder and Executive President

Mr. Benoit Ngom (Senegal) – ADA President and IDA Founder

Mr. Cesare Lucà (Italy) – Treasurer

Mrs. Astou Danfakha (Senegal) – Secretariat

Mr. Yann Makobiani (Gabon) – Coordinator of “IDA Committee Christ Impact Gabon”

Mrs. Khadijetou mint cheikh Saadbouh (Mauritania) – Political Advisor

Mr. Gerard Scerb (Brazil) – Special Advisor of the President

Mr. Ferdinando Capecchi (Italy) – Special Advisor of the President

Mr. Silvano Caselli (Italy) – Special Advisor of the President

Mrs. Yah Priod (Swiss) – Special Advisor of the President

Mr. Federico Maionchi (UAE) – Strategic Business Advisor

Mr. Edward Ssenyange (Uganda) – Strategic Advisor

Mr. Thierry Ezeghelian (Swiss) – Head of the Technical Committee

Mrs. Aminata Thiao (Senegal) – Digital team coordinator

Mr. Karsène Memevegni (Benin) – Responsible for the strategic vision of the digital team

Mrs. Lea Volpe (USA) – Marketing and Communications for Dignity Brand

Mrs. Susanna Alluto (Italy) – Coordinator for NourDign project

Mr. Mame Hamath William Diouf (Canada) – International Manager for Agricultural Development

Mr. Angelo Orsini (Italy) – Senior Expert in Projects Development

Mr. Jean Kean (Ivory Coast) – Senior Expert in Agriculture Projects

Mr. Olajide Ogodan (Nigeria) – Expert in Projects Development

Mr. Sergio Martina (Italy) – Expert in Project Development

Mr. Mbacké Diop (Senegal) – Expert in Project Development

Mr. Dario Petrone (Italy) – Director of Youth Department

Mr. Barthelemy Lokoka (Canada) – Technical Advisor

Mr. Mana Omer Nigbre (Ivory Coast) – Technical Advisor

Mr. Danaah Abdulai (Ghana) – Technical Advisor

Mr. Alhaj Mohammed Haroon (Ghana) – Technical Advisor

Mr. Moussa Seck (Senegal) – Technical Advisor

Mr. Fernando Clemente (Italy) – Technical Advisor

Mrs. Antoinette Kone (Ivory Coast) – Women project

Mrs. Eleonore Andoh (Ivory Coast) – Women project

Mr. Adenane Djigo (Senegal) – Marketing support

Mrs. Aminata Diagne (Senegal) – Feasibility studies

Mrs. Clemence Zagol (Ivory Coast) – Project Advisor

Mr. Eddy Noumakan Fofana (Ivory Coast) – Project Advisor

Mr. Claude Keh (Ivory Coast) – Project Advisor

Mr. Memnih Ndola Francis (Cameroon) – Project Advisor

Mr. Sidahmed Bechir (Morocco) – Project Advisor


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