Twinning between Italy and Senegal

Sant’Angelo Le Fratte, 7 June – The twinning between the Municipalities of Sant’Angelo le Fratte, Savoia di Lucania, Satriano di Lucania, Sasso di Castalda and Brienza of the Basilicata Region and the Municipality of Dabia in the Matan Region Senegal was sanctioned on Saturday 21 May in the Municipality of Sant’Angelo Le fratte. The meeting was attended by Dr Yaya Abdoul Kane (Major), Mrs Virginie Codou Diop (Assistant), M. Bassirou Sow (Special Conseilor), M.Abdoul Hamady Kane, Michele Pignata. The parties have decided to establish a formal attestation of reciprocity of privileged relations, aimed at intensifying cultural, social, political, economic relations with constant reference to a common action for peace, solidarity and meeting between populations. The twinning aims to promote the dissemination of good practices to promote diversity in sport, cultural-social-tourism activities, combat all forms of discrimination, equal opportunities for all of access and practices regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, origin.

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