Protecting the rights of women and girls from discriminatory practices

New York, 26 March – IDA Virtual attendance, Cecilia Olivero. Protecting the rights of women and girls from discriminatory practices: virtual meeting – parallel event. MP Cathay Wagantall (Canadian Member of Parliament for SK); Dr. Kiely Williams (BSc, MD, LMCC, CCFP Medical Director Advanced Primary Care); Elyssa Koren (Director of UN Advocacy, ADF International). “Speaking from their diverse backgrounds and expertise, guest panelists will address sex-selective abortion as a form of discrimination and violence that denies women and girls their right to life and their full and effective participation in public life. In order to safeguard the inherent dignity of women and girls, nations must eliminate the discriminatory practice of sex-selective abortion through effective politicizes and legislative efforts.” Highlighting the issue of sex-selective abortion in Western countries such as Canada, compared to similar situations in developing countries, has been the striking point of the meeting. Sex-selective abortion is considered a practice of discrimination and dehumanization. and actions carried out by political parties, human rights organisations and activists are aiming at recognising sex-selective abortion as a gender-based violence issue worldwide. The reality of sex-selective abortion has to be dealt with and tackle down through policies and bills implemented by the governments along with the International community.

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