President Ouattara guest of Confindustria in Rome

Rome, 16 September – The Ivory Coast as a “Country of the future”: this is the image suggested by President Alassane Ouattara, a guest of Confindustria in Rome for a day of debates, meetings and agreements between companies in search of economic opportunities but also ready for a social commitment. The word that returns to the Auditorium of technology is “co-development”. The idea is that of a model of doing business that puts training and the transfer of skills at the forefront. A model that can and indeed must be re-proposed in times of uncertainty, with a 2023 marked by the risks of global recession, as Ouattara still points out, but where it is Africa itself that offers a reference. The Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast, Patrick Jerome Achi, also says of a continent to be rethought and better understood. His message is that we must “review the debate on immigration” and realize that “Africa is not a danger but an opportunity”. IDA attendance.

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