Mosaic of Peace project in Palermo resumes in Dubai

Cairo, 21 June – As the COVID-19 pandemic abates, work is resuming on the ambitious Mosaic of Peace project that would make Palermo the center for drawing up a new Declaration of Human Rights.
The head of the project, Nino Calogero, told ANSAmed that the push has come from Dubai for the idea, ”addressed to 1,000 other cities across the world, to take part in the forming of a research committee” to draw up a proposal for the ”rewriting of the Declaration of Human Rights”. Calogero is the managing director of the Maltese LIBRA People Company and co-chair of the international division of Rotary in New York. The aim is to create a ”new decentralised international city” in Palermo, Calogero said, ”where dialogue between all the cultures of the Mediterranean and the world can prosper as a pre-condition for new socio-economic development”.The project officially began a year ago, on May 28, 2019, with a ceremony in which the first three ”pieces” of the mosaic were placed – tiles symbolising the cities of Palermo, Beirut and Istanbul – in the presence of Palermo mayor Leoluca Orlando and Lebanese Ambassador to Italy Mira Daher – as was noted in a photo with an accompanying text at the presentation of the initiative. The project is now being relaunched by the Dubai Rotary Club thanks to efforts by members Peppe Pantano and Anthony Cerchiai and the elected chairman Pasquale Della Penna. There will be fund-raising for the initiative through the sponsoring of tiles with the city names by individuals or organizations for 1,000 euros each. One of those promoting the initiative, COSTA MED, has signed an agreement with Legnano group The Best Equity to manage the crowdfunding and transparency will be documented online though the ”Glass System”. The project calls for the placing on the tiles of the mosaic in five phases starting from 2022 in an area of Palermo that will be renovated, according to presentation slides seen by ANSAmed. The declaration of rights will focus on ”mobility, migration and reception”, “e-democracy”, ”economic development and sustainability” and ”inter-religious dialogue” and will be drawn up by 2022.

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