Follow up on the program against malnutrition in Ivory Coast

Abidjan, 20 April – Mrs. Eleonore Priod, Special Advisor to the Presidency, meet  His Excellency the Ivory Coast Minister of Health and Public Hygiene Mr. Pierre Dimba. IDA (Initiative for the Development of Africa) is active for many years in the development of programs in favor of African populations. IDA has attended many meetings in Ivory Coast in order to present and develop a number of initiatives to improve the quality of food and agriculture but also in favor of the respect for the populations dignity, for example programs in favor of children education and women empowerment. To find new ways to help the population, and in particular the underprivileged children, we have launched a research with IDA Technical Committee, in order to understand what would be the tools able to reach this objective. Our team has find a solution that cover the following points: Oral active organic nutritional supplement, Regulator of the natural immune system via the system of immune-dependent mechanisms, Effective nutritional supplement as a therapeutic support, Normalizer of physiological functions, Active against chronic fatigue and exhaustion. The solution is based on the distribution of phycocyanin, an extract of freshwater algae whose virtues have proven their great effectiveness by all the elements it contains and by its definitive action on the white blood cells and on the red blood cells. IDA want to implement the Program against malnutrition, viral and bacterial attacks in Ivory Coast and in other West Africa Countries.

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