CSW65 Women’s empowerment

New York, 23 March – IDA Virtual attendance. Women’s empowerment and the link to sustainable development (Agreed Conclusions of the sixtieth session) Tuesday 23 March and Wednesday, 24 March, 9.00 –11.00 a.m., Informal virtual meeting Overview. In accordance with its working methods, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) each year will evaluate progress in the implementation of the Agreed Conclusions on a priority theme of a previous session, as its review theme, through an interactive dialogue that includes: (a)Member States of different regions, on a voluntary basis, presenting their lessons learned, challenges and best practices that identify means for accelerated implementation through national and regional experiences;(b)Ways to support and achieve accelerated implementation, including through addressing data gaps and challenges in the enhanced collection, reporting, use and analysis of data in regard to the theme, at the national, regional and global level. The outcome of the discussion on the review theme will be in the form of a summary by the Chair of the Commission, prepared in consultation with the regional groups, through the members of the Bureau. The review will be supported by a report of the Secretary-General on progress made on the review theme at the national level.

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