Tech Herfrica IDA Partnership

Abuja, 24 May – Andrea Giannetto (IDA) and Mrs. Imade Bibowei-Osuobeni (Tech Herfrica) have agreed to implement a set of programs with the aim of improving the economic and social situation of Nigeria, particularly women and young people through the development of the Women’s Empowerment Project based on a Digital Financial Literacy Program for 3,000 rural women across 10 states in Nigeria, under the concept NourDign for Education. IDA is responsible for implementing this program, under the international label NourDign (Nourish and Dignity). The international NourDign label belongs exclusively to IDA. Considering the Nourdign project as central, the fields of collaboration will consider seeking funding for: The training and integration of women and young people in the Digital Economy with the contribution of the traceability of the NourDign label. The two organizations will work towards closing the digital divide that exists for females in rural areas and integrating female-led businesses in rural and underserved communities into the digital economy, thereby contributing to the achievement of digital equity for all.

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