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Turning Ideas Into Action

The IDA Special Committees involves members to drive actions through its model, improving the lives of over 1 Billion people in Africa. IDA member commitments represent new ways to address global challenges – implemented through new methods of partnership and designed to maximize impact. The member commitments can be small or large, global or local. No matter the size or scope, commitments help IDA members translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results.

The IDA Special Committees Model | IDA drives action among its members in the following two ways:


In the IDA community, today’s foremost Think Tank meet tomorrow’s groundbreaking solutions. Thought leaders and visionaries push the conversation forward, inspiring all members to be creative and innovative in their collective action. The Think Tank creates the foundation for informed action. Industry experts analyze their most effective programs, fresh voices put forth innovative approaches, and established experts debate different interventions. Members provide each other with a constant flow of new solutions and lessons learned.


The IDA environment creates and supports partnerships. Some develop organically from networking, while others grow through issue-specific member gatherings or IDA staff facilitation. Spurred by a collective sense of urgency and shared responsibility, IDA members collaborate to best leverage their unprecedented combination of influence, expertise, and passion. The diverse IDA membership offers a unique opportunity to interact with individuals across multiple sectors and industries. Members include Companies CEOs, leading NGOs and foundations, government representatives, and philanthropists.

Upon joining IDA, each member is part of a specific Committee in function of his skill and interest. Whether your Committee is in the beginning stages of commitment development or is working to enhance already established programs, the Committee coordinator can connect you with new partners, share the latest insights and research, and offer advice and assistance.

Opportunities to engage with the IDA community are offered within several Committees, each representing a topical global challenge or strategic approach. All Committees contain a number of stand-alone engagements that bring members together to network, share knowledge, and collaborate on new and continuing commitments. Members can customize their Committee experience based on their specific areas of interest.

A Commitment to Action is not a financial contribution to IDA. Rather, it is a detailed plan of action for addressing an issue such as environment, poverty, human rights, etc. While some members join IDA with a clear idea for a commitment in a Committee, others work closely with the Think Tank to develop their goals and plan projects. Our staff is available to discuss ideas and approaches and help members explore partnership opportunities, which may include joining an existing IDA Committee.

The Think Tank

Every member has the task to promote the IDA and his IDA Committee using any tool and method that is fair and ethic; promoting IDA and IDA Committee the member contribute to increase the number of worldwide IDA members and support the Development of Africa.
Every IDA Committee or Sub Group is managed by a Think Tank that has the task to coordinate the Committee activities and development. The Think Tank is formed by members really involved in the Committee activities. The involved member is a person that concretely promote IDA and his IDA Committee, introduce new members, works on programs, create and manage new programs, arrange meetings, find and manage funds to support his Committee program, propose and arrange national and international forums.


– Civil Society and International Cooperation
– Business and Project Development
– Agriculture
– Construction
– Finance and Economy
– Education
– Health
– Environment
– Culture
– Animals and Nature defense
– Children
– Youth
– Women
– Hunger
– Drug and Crime
– Human Rights

Every Committee has several Sub groups

If you want to became an IDA Special Commiettees coordinator, contact us filling the form.

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