NourDign presentation to the EU Parliament

Bruxelles, 18 June – On the 22nd of June 2022 Andrea Giannetto will introduce to the European Parliament the NourDign Project for the women empowerment in West Africa.

NourDign project (Food and Dignity):
– The NourDign project is known in ECOWAS, European Union and United Nations; the project is also known by the Governments of Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea Conacry, Ghana and Nigeria;
– NourDign is a modular project that for each product and each country have to start with a pilot;
– The NourDign vision includes agricultural development, irrigation, food processing, training, monitoring, support, packaging, ethical labeling, marketing, production of processing machines, etc.;
– Just for instance we have create “NourDign Ethical Brand” to label the African food production and sell around the world.

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