MoU between IDA and CUG

Accra, 22 June – Initiative for the Development of Africa (IDA) and Catholic University of Ghana (CUG), have signed a Partnership Agreement. The MoU defines the terms of collaboration that will facilitate cooperation between the two institutions in the area of ​​common interest for the economic and social development of Ghana. IDA and the CUG, agreed to implement a set of programmes with the aim of improving the economic, cultural and social situation of youth and African women. Cooperation will be in any area involving the development of Africa, the good of the Planet and the core values of the NourDign philosophy in the world, such as education for all children, climate change, food insecurity, migration, racism, gender discrimination, child labour, child trafficking, etc. NourDign (NOURish and DIGNity) is Food for the world and Dignity for all.

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