Sénégal Abilympics 2021

Dakar, 14 December – The African Diplomatic Academy (ADA), has decided to organize for the first time in Senegal and Africa, the “National Abilympics”. The Abilympics are, in the trades, what the Olympic Games represent in sport, because professional competitions are reserved for people with disabilities, at the international level, after national selections. The choice of Senegal could contribute to reinforce the prestige and the influence of the country on the international sphere while bringing the sympathy of the patrons in favor of these people who are entitled, to benefit from our solidarity while knowing that the situation of handicap does not alter in any way the dignity and the surpassing of oneself. In this regard, the ADA requested and obtained the sponsorship of the Abilympics France Association, whose vocation is to develop the participation of disabled people in all professional competitions in France and internationally, with the aim of constant inclusion and social cohesion. IDA collaborate with ADA on the organisation of the event.

The ADA, in accordance with tradition, places this event under the high authority of His Excellency, Mr. President of the Republic.

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